Celebrate Your Love with these Gorgeous Wedding Toasting Flutes

toasting to love and marriage

Cheers! The wedding toasting is truly one of the highlights of the reception, as this is when everyone celebrates the love and union of the couple. Wedding flutes were designed specifically for this purpose and we have seen so many people toast and drink to that over the past few decades.

However, it is only recently that we have seen the emergence of gorgeous and creative wedding flutes that can make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Yes, the options available in the market today are staggering that making a choice can be somewhat painfully confusing. Fortunately, this list, which features some of the most beautiful, elegant, and spectacular toasting flutes ever created, will definitely make choosing much easier for you.

Venice Gold Toasting Flutes

One thing that you would immediately notice and love about these toasting flutes is the beautiful detail of Swarovski crystals around it. Aside from that, you would also adore the two-tone silver that gives a classic effect on the flutes.

Contemporary Double-walled Champagne Flutes

If you want something extraordinary for your wedding, you would probably want to go for these festive flutes that feature a double walled design that not only looks majestic but also works to ensure that the wine stays crisp and cold even after a while. These are the perfect flutes to use for your modern themed wedding.

Silver Plated Stacked Hearts Glass Flutes

These toasting flutes are surely an eye candy! Any guest would fancy the silver plated stacked hearts stem design of these flutes.

Silver Plated Interlocking Heart Stems with Glass Flutes

If you love the stacked hearts design, you would admire the interlocking heart stem of these next flutes. If you put a pair of these flutes next to each other, you would be able to form a wonderful heart shape, which is the perfect symbol for the couple’s everlasting love.

Silver Plated Love Stem Champagne Holder and Glass Flutes

Another flute from the silver-plated series that is worth mentioning is the silver plated love stem champagne holder and glass flutes. A silver plated heart shaped base featuring the word “love” holds the removable glass flute in place.

Open Loop Heart Flutes

If you want something that is more classic and simple in design, you would probably like the open loop heart flutes that come with contrasting glass tops and silver plated stems that create stunning symmetry. Since the glass tops can be engraved on, you can personalize these flutes by putting your name, wedding date, or a love quote that is special for you and your spouse.

Diamond Ring Champagne Flutes

Like the open loop heart flutes, these flutes are also engraveable. But aside from that, they hold the symbols of diamond rings in the design of the stem.

Silver Plated Open Heart & Jewel Drop Stem Champagne Flutes

The intricate design of the heart and jewel stem makes these flutes special. This is perfect if you want to have both hearts and jewelry incorporated into the design of the flute.

Wedding flutes truly provide a touch of sophistication to the celebration of a couple’s union. They help you toast in style! Choose the perfect ones that will not only make your wedding more beautiful but will also serve as a keepsake that will always remind you how special your wedding was.

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