How to Find a High-End Videographer at a Great Price

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Wedding expenses can rack up pretty quickly. Between the dress, the flowers, the buffet, and everything in between, you may soon find yourself over-budget. You don’t want to skimp on the videographer, because he will capture and memorialize every moment of your wedding, but you simply don’t have the extra cash on hand to pay top price.

However, there are a few ways that you can manage to get a great videographer without breaking the bank. With just a bit of legwork and a few tools in your arsenal, you can get what you want for less.

Get referrals. One of the best ways to get a great videographer for less is to be referred to one by someone who can vouch for the quality and cost. Using a trusted source will ensure that you get the video you want at a price you can afford. And by saying you were referred, you may be able to take advantage of an automatic discount.

Comparison shop. You may have your heart set on the best-known videographer around, but if you don’t at least see some other vendors, how can you know if he’s right for you? Sometimes the cost is not indicative of the quality of work.

You may be overlooking a really great videographer simply because he doesn’t have the same high-profile business as others. So make sure that you shop around; you could end up with fantastic footage for a lot less expense.

Stay local. You might find someone whose work you love online, only to discover that they don’t live in the area. Just remember that hiring someone outside your locale (or the location of the wedding, anyway) means added expenditure. You will have to pay for travel and all related costs in addition to the fee for your video. So try to reconcile yourself to hiring locally and you’ll save a lot.

Pick your package. Most videographers will offer a variety of options with equally varying levels of cost. What you really need is the raw footage, not all the extras (like editing, music, and so on). If you want to pay bottom-dollar but still get the gorgeous footage that only one videographer can provide, then choose the cheapest package. You can always have it edited later.

Haggle. Yes, the videographer is running a business, but unless he’s got more work than he can handle, he’d probably rather have some of your money than none. You might be surprised by how often people are willing to work with you if you simply ask.

The worst that could happen is that he could turn you down, but it’s much more likely that he’s willing to be flexible and offer you options that will fit your budget.

Bring in more work. If you know other couples who are on their way to the aisle (and looking for a videographer) or even friends and family who may want a video of other upcoming family events, perhaps you can get together as a group and try to get discounted services for all.

You may also want to let the vendor know that if you like the work he does, you can definitely bring him future projects (basically becoming his brand ambassador). This could result in some kind of discount for a timeless video of your special day.

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