Wedding Ceremony Seating – What Is The Best Way To Seat Everyone

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One of the aspects of a wedding that is sometimes overlooked is the wedding ceremony seating. Many people think that it is a simple process of just putting everyone associated with the groom on one side and the people associated with the bride on the other.

This is the traditional method but it doesn’t need to be followed. There is much more involved when planning the seating for the wedding ceremony. Here are some helpful hints and things to consider when seating for your wedding ceremony:

Close family and friends – One thing that needs to be addressed is where are the people that are more closely involved with the couple getting married going to sit. Generally the first couple of rows are saved for the people that are more important to the bride and groom.

Putting family together and friends together is a good thing to do as the family can sit together. The close family and friends, who are not in the wedding, should sit near the front of the ceremony.

Elderly guests – Many times, especially with family there are older people that will be attending the ceremony. There needs to be a place to sit for them that will be easily accessible as well as in sight of the ceremony. Sometimes on the side of the rows is easier for elderly people as they don’t need to walk through people to sit down. This really goes for anyone who is elderly and will be attending the ceremony. If there are some older people coming make sure to leave some space on the side so they can get to it easily.

Children and babies – Many children attend wedding with their families. If the children are very young they can often cry at times which are inopportune. Because of this you should also save some place on the side. If they start to cry and are a distraction to the ceremony it is easy for them to be taken outside. People that have babies should definitely have some room to sit on the side for this exact reason.

Tall guests – After taking into account for elderly guests and young ones you need to look at aspects such as height as well. If you have tall people attending the wedding it might be best to seat them near the back so they do not impede peoples vies of the ceremony as it goes on. Considering they are tall they can see over everyone and by sitting near the back they can still have a good view of the ceremony.

Leave room in the back – The bride’s family and friends on one side and the grooms on the other doesn’t need to be followed. It can and many times it does but you still need to take into account for other things such as elderly people and children. As long as everyone can get to their seats and see the wedding are the two things that really matter.

Also some space in the back should be saved just in case some people show up a little late for whatever reason. Leaving a row or two in the back empty is a good idea for a couple of reasons besides people that are late. As mentioned earlier sometimes children need to be taken out and if they then are quiet it can be a distraction if they need to get by people to come back.

Also if a person is a little ill and has a coughing or sneezing fit they can leave and when they are ok they can come back and sit in the back without disturbing other guests.

When seating for your wedding ceremony, make sure that you consider any guests with special needs as well. Anyone with a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or any other special need should be seated first and have help both in and out of the wedding ceremony building. Making sure that your guests are comfortable and have a great view of your wedding will keep everyone happy.

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