Celebrate Your Love with these Gorgeous Wedding Toasting Flutes

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Cheers! The wedding toasting is truly one of the highlights of the reception, as this is when everyone celebrates the love and union of the couple. Wedding flutes were designed specifically for this purpose and we have seen so many people toast and drink to that over the past few decades. However,… Read more »

How to Find a High-End Videographer at a Great Price

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Wedding expenses can rack up pretty quickly. Between the dress, the flowers, the buffet, and everything in between, you may soon find yourself over-budget. You don’t want to skimp on the videographer, because he will capture and memorialize every moment of your wedding, but you simply don’t have the extra… Read more »

Wedding Ceremony Seating – What Is The Best Way To Seat Everyone

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One of the aspects of a wedding that is sometimes overlooked is the wedding ceremony seating. Many people think that it is a simple process of just putting everyone associated with the groom on one side and the people associated with the bride on the other. This is the traditional… Read more »